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Luncheon Menu


Sandwiches on crusty white or granary bread:
Brie, bacon & tomato or Smoked chicken, tomato & Mayo £4.25


Toasted Sandwiches
Cheses, ham or tuna mayonnaise £3.95


Baked French bread & salad with:
Toasted ham, mushrooms & Mozzarella £4.75
Roasted vegetables, pesto & Mozzarella £4.50


Mixed Salad & new potatoes with:
Ham & Brie £5.50
Tomato Avocado & Brie £5.95
Warm smoked chicken, sun dried tomatoes, bacon, pine nuts £6.45
Poached egg & bacon salad £4.95


Jacket potato & salad with:
Tuna Mayonnaise £3.95
Creamy smoked haddock or Prawn Marie-rose £5.95
Smoked chicken, bacon & mayonnaise £5.50
Bacon & melted Brie £5.50


Home cooked ham, fried eggs, French fries, salad or vegetables £6.95
Breaded whole tail scampi, French Fries, salad or vegetables £6.50
Whitebait, French fries & tartar sauce, salad or vegetables £6.50


Ploughman's Lunch
Cheddar cheese or ham or pâté

Please call Elvire to make telephone bookings for the restaurant and events. 01494 782878

Note: we do not accept boolings by email.
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